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Conversation introduction

Suyet : Good Morning
Yoga : Good Morning
Suyet : How are you
Yoga : I'm fine, how about you ?
Suyet : I'm fine too, thank. Let me introduce myself, my
name is Yoga, who is your name?
Suyet : O i see. My name is Yoga. Nice to meet you
Yoga : Nice to meet you too.

Introducing yourself

Susan Bachtiar  : Hello, I'm Elizabeth Mandel

Chuck               : Hi! My name is Charles Chang. But please call me Chuck

Susan Bachtiar   : Nice to meet you, Chuck. You can call me Susan

Chuck                : Ok. What's your last name again?

Susan                 : Bachtiar

Chuck                : Where are you from?

Susan                 : I'm from Indonesia.

Chuck                : And what are you doing here?

Susan                 : I'm attending an English Conference. And how about you? Where are you from?

Chuck                : I'm from Singapore.

Susan                 : Are you attending the English Conference, too?

Chuck                : Yes, I am.

Susan                 : Well, nice meeting you Chuck.

Chuck                : Nice meeting you too, Susan. 

Example Conversation

Him: I saw you standing here, and I just had to come tell you you have the most striking sense of style I've seen all day. I'm Joe.
Her: Hi… I'm Tina.
Him: Hi Tina. How's your night going?
Her: Okay. How's your night going?
Him: It's going all right. So tell me, New York native or you come from somewhere far away?

Conversation with a Stranger; Introducing Yourself

Sony:- Excuse me, my name is Sony.
I don't think we have met before, have we?
John:- I'm John. You're quite right.
I don't think we have met before. Very happy to meet you.
Sony:- Thank you.
Would you please let me know something about you?
John:- Thanks. I'm a new-comer here.
But my grandparents are quite used to this place.
I've been with my parents at Kashmir.
Sony:- Kashmir! When did you come here?
John:- Only last week. Now we have vocation.
I want to spend my vocation with my grandparents.
Sony:- It's of course very nice.
I hope you can tell me more about Kashmir.
John:- Certainly. And you can tell me much about this beautiful village.
Sony:- With pleasure. Sorry mother is calling me.
Let's meet here at 10. I'll be free then. 

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